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Posted in Movies with tags , , on 12/05/2011 by Chris

Rocky II doesn’t tend to get a whole lot of love from casual Rocky fans. Most of the attention goes to the original (which is a classic) and parts III and IV (which are flashy and entertaining). Not helping its case is the fact that it’s mostly an extension/rehash of the original; Rocky retires after taking a beating from Apollo, marries Adrian, then tries to settle into a legitimate lifestyle after spending all of the money he earned from the fight. Meanwhile, Apollo’s ego is bruised when the press question whether he really earned that victory over Rocky, and bullies the “Italian Stallion” into a rematch. Much of Rocky II is mundane – literally the first hour and change is devoted to showing Rocky foolishly spend away his money, and trying but failing to capitalize on his temporary fame by doing product endorsements. Because he doesn’t want to go back to being a strong-arm for local loan shark Gazzo (he gives brother-in-law Paulie the gig instead), Rocky takes a job at the same meat plant where Paulie used to work, and eventually ends up working as sort of a janitor at Mickey’s gym.

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