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Piranha 3DD

I was a fan of Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D, which I thought had just the right sense of humor about it, while also featuring a generous helping of the grotesque gore that Aja practically specializes in. Though it technically had a very limited theatrical run, Piranha 3DD is still the cheap DTV sequel we all probably should have expected. Handed over to the guys responsible for the horror-comedy Feast, Piranha 3DD (shortened on DVD to Piranha DD, thus losing part of the joke) tries to be more outrageous than the first, but oddly ends up being less so. The premise (piranha make their way into an adult-themed water park) promises more than it can deliver. That’s chiefly due to a much smaller budget, which reduces the scope as well as the amount of onscreen carnage, and a script that conveniently delays the full piranha outbreak until the final 15 minutes. At least it has the good sense to briefly bring back Ving Rhames and Christopher Lloyd, preserving some continuity, and extended cameos by Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff help sweeten the deal. But otherwise there’s no denying the Sy-Fy movie vibe of it all – even if that was the intention here, the first one had some more bite to it.  2/5

  • Drink for every (onscreen) death, and whenever you see nudity. Finish your drink when you hear the Baywatch theme.

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