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Posted in Movies with tags , , , on 12/14/2011 by Chris

Rocky IV is, in some ways, the polar opposite of the original Rocky. Yet behind the original, it’s arguably the second most popular (often neck-and-neck, I’d say, with Rocky III). Some might argue that it’s the most superfluous of all the Rocky sequels; instead of advancing the character like previous sequels did, this is merely another “adventure” for him – much like how most of the Bond movies are just another adventure for 007. It’s certainly the leanest of all the Rocky movies; if you strip away the opening (which, like Rocky II‘s opening, recaps the previous movie’s ending), the multiple montages, and James Brown’s performance, the movie’s like an hour long. Supporting players (Adrian, Paulie, Apollo), though present, mostly fall by the wayside, and are reduced to caricatures: Adrian the worried but supportive wife, Paulie the perpetually complaining comic relief, etc. It’s all about Rocky’s quest to (once again) overcome the odds as he faces a new opponent, and there doesn’t seem to be much need for anything else. Like I said, by this point it’s like a Bond film, or a comic book: a new villain, a new challenge. And the entertainment value is through the roof.

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