Let the above video serve as evidence that not only do plenty of people still find fake fart noises funny in 2011, but it’s also possible to make your own YouTube channel dedicated to your shitty candid camera-style videos where you pretend to fart around people, and actually find a modicum of success.

Such is the case of this Jack Vale character, who goes around with a little box that makes fart noises, and pretends to fart in public places to get people’s reactions. He then uses his YouTube channel to hawk “The Pooter“, presumably the same fart machine he uses in his hilarious videos. According to his website he sells over 2,000 of these things per month, which proves that even a shitty economy and a severe recession can’t stop America from embarrassing itself. He bills himself as an “internet superstar” and a “professional prankster”, though he’s clearly at least 35 years old, and has 5 kids.

Anyway, this latest video from Mr. Vale shows what happens when he pisses people off – in this case the hobo version of Santa Claus, who boldly proclaims “I’m gonna knock you on yer ass!” before landing two admittedly crappy punches. Hobo Santa doesn’t seem to get that it’s just a 35 year old making a fart video for YouTube, but I suspect he would’ve put more effort in had he known that. My favorite part (aside from the brief spell of glorious violence) is Jack explaining to the employees and whoever else that it’s just a squeeze toy and the guy simply doesn’t get that it wasn’t real farts. I assume he edited out the part where these people kindly inform him that making even fake fart noises in people’s faces in a store still makes you an irritating jackass. The subtitles near the end read, “The Police came…and Jack didn’t press charges,” as if to say, “look how good a person Jack is!”

As a result of his videos, Jack landed an appearance on Lopez Tonight, proving that unfunny people really do stick together in this business.


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