So a full-length trailer for The Hangover Part II has surfaced, and unfortunately it’s not an early April Fool’s joke. Because if it’s one thing we can expect judging from this trailer, it’s the exact same movie in a different location:

Good God almighty. Maybe it’s because director Todd Phillips has never attempted a sequel before, but surely someone could’ve told him (and the writers) that they didn’t have to repeat Every. Single. Fucking. Thing. from the first movie:

  • Once again, it’s centered around a wedding.
  • Once again, they (appear) to get drugged.
  • Once again, they wake up with a random animal in the room.
  • Once again, they have to find their missing friend.
  • It’s not Doug this time, but (once again), he appears to be sidelined for much of it anyway.
  • Once again, Stu finds himself disfigured in some way.
  • Once again, there’s car chases and shootouts.
  • Page 12 of the Hollywood Sequel Handbook states that if a minor character in the first movie (Ken Jeong) was a hit, their screen time must be doubled for the next one.

I want to be charitable and not judge this solely on one trailer, but there’s simply too much evidence here that the filmmakers were either A) lazy, or B) afraid to stray too far from a money-making formula.


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