In a recent e-mail letter sent out to fans, Stevens’ label Asthmatic Kitty basically told them that since Amazon would likely be charging a very low price for his upcoming album, they should consider alternate (and more expensive) options when paying for it, because “the work our artists produce is worth more than the cost of a latte”. Seriously, read it here (and this is likely the only time I’ll ever willingly link to something on Pitchfork).

It’s amazing that with illegal downloads still the biggest problem for records labels, one would have the balls to step out and actually ask the people planning on paying to pay more.

But here’s a few thoughts I had after reading this:

  1. My first thought when hearing this news was “This is coming from his label, not necessarily him, so let’s cut him a break for the time being”. But then two minutes of research led me to find that Asthmatic Kitty is the label he founded and helps run, so fuck him.
  2. When you name your record label Asthmatic Kitty (was Cocksucker Records already taken?), please realize that nobody is going to take you seriously, especially when you try to make a serious statement like this.
  3. Since he pretty much owns the label he’s on, he likely makes more money per album sold than most other artists who don’t have that convenience. But y’know, please give him more of it, so he can continue to fund documentaries about shit no one cares about.
  4. A latte? Seriously, that’s your comparison? To borrow a page from Louis C.K., it’s times like this when I wish the word faggot wasn’t associated with gay people, and instead associated with anyone who makes shitty stuck-up statements like that.
  5. Last but not least, thanks for telling a bunch of people that were likely to just download it from iTunes for $9.99 that they can now get it much cheaper from Amazon.

Please give me more money so that I may purchase new wings. Also, please take me seriously.


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