Q: So – did you see the new Star Trek?
A: Why yes I did.

Q: Well is it the tits or what?!
A: Yes, it was pretty good.

Q: Is it true this is the first Star Trek a guy can probably take a girl to?
A: Yes. But don’t expect to get any afterwards.

Q: Why the hell not?
A: Because you’re still taking her to a movie called Star Trek, jackass.

Q: Fair enough. So I heard they worked Leonard Nimoy into the movie. What gives?
A: Well he plays the older Spock, who sort of gets trapped in the past and encounters the younger versions of both himself and his friends, thus making this new movie some sort of prequel/sequel hybrid, and NOT a remake.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you didn’t see the movie yet and don’t want the plot spoiled, don’t read that last part.

Q: Wow that sounds great. So all in all, would you say this new Star Trek did indeed “boldly go” where no one had gone before?
A: Fuck off.


One Response to “STAR TREK: THE Q&A REVIEW”

  1. I saw that movie twice in the theater. Which is rare. I actually can’t think of another movie (except the Lord of the Rings ones…) that I saw in the theater more than once. I totally would recommend it. Even to people who don’t like scifi. Queers…

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